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2018 Tax Law to Reduce Pipeline Expansion Recourse Rates

Posted in FERC
FERC staff has asked gas pipelines with pending expansion applications how 2018 tax law changes will impact their proposed project’s cost of service and the project’s proposed incremental rates.  FERC has imposed a quick, three business day turnaround on responses. In identical data requests sent to a number of pipelines within the last week, FERC… Continue Reading

Proposed Settlement Between Environmental Groups and Federal Agencies Would Revise Procedures for Designation of Western Energy Corridors

Posted in California, Federal, Renewables
From my D.C. colleague Jim Mitchell: Procedures for designation of West-wide Energy Corridors pursuant to Section 368 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 are to be revised to allay concerns that (i) construction of energy-related facilities within such corridors would adversely affect environmentally sensitive areas and (ii) that procedures for designation of such corridors… Continue Reading

California Public Utilities Commission Launches New Formal Investigation Into PG&E’s Gas Pipelines

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  The Commission launched a formal investigation into PG&E’s gas pipelines located in areas of higher population density.  Specifically, the Commission is to review and determine whether “PG&E properly and safely reviewed, on a regular basis, its natural gas transmission pipelines to identify areas of increased population density so as to modify its maximum allowable operating pressures (taking pressure… Continue Reading