The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced a new director of the Consumer Protection and Safety Division (CPSD).  The former director was reassigned after the San Bruno tragedy and CPSD has been without a director for a number of months now.

The search for a director was difficult as it was generally limited to others currently in state service AND former and current members of the armed forces.  As it turns out that limited exception for veterans proved invaluable as the military is where the CPUC found its guy:  Brigadier General Jack Hagan.

General Hagan retired from active duty in 1999, but was recalled to duty to train military and civilian subject matter experts to respond to terrorist attacks in California.  Though not a direct connection to the sort of work that he will be doing at CPSD, one can see why the CPUC thought a 28-year Marine with 15 years of command experience might be the right man for a job.

No matter what, having a permanent fixture at the helm of CPSD should change the safety culture at the CPUC.

Full press release about General Hagan can be found here.