After a persistent and vocal outcry by anti-SmartMeter activists, the Commission has released a proposed decision that will be voted on at its next meeting (this coming Thursday) that will allow those who want to go back to the good ol’ days of the analog meter.

No more RF radiation for those who who don’t want it (except for the RF radiation coming from their cell phones, laptops, wireless routers, microwaves, and their neighbor’s SmartMeter, cell phone, laptop, wireless router, and microwave).

The Commission will give folks the option, but it will be interesting to see how many take the option.  As part of the proposed decision, the Commission specifically notes that the “option to move away from the standard will require PG&E to incur costs such as purchasing a new meter, going back to the customer location to install and service the meter, and monthly cost of reading the meter. These are some of the examples of the additional costs required to opt-out of the standard wireless SmartMeters. As a result, this decision further finds that customers electing the opt-option shall be responsible for costs associated with providing the option.

These costs may be significant and will definitely be off-putting: $75 up front, and a monthly charge of $10.